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OECD calls for higher inheritance tax after Covid pandemic

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19 hours ago, crescent said:

Agree - I work hard to provide for my family 

It is pure envy and nothing else

I think if anyone gets a big inheritance good luck to them, it does not have any adverse affect on my own life.

What is fair that if a person gets of their backside and works and shows their kids a work ethic and that is the way to get on in life that their hard works goes to their own family


It would encourage people to have kids in world where we have a housing shortage and a drain on resources.

Most families with loads of kids are in council houses anyway.



Disagree. It actually does have a negative impact at a social level because it accumulates capital in the hands of those that don't know how to best deploy it and means the rest of us schumks are paying more in others taxes (fair play if you enjoy that).

There's a good old phrase, clogs to clogs in three. I have friends who have parents with very strong work ethics. The kids are typical rich kid wasters. 

Why would it encourage people to have lots of kids? Makes no sense lol. 

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On 12/05/2021 at 14:16, doomed said:

I will do everything I can to ensure my children receive ALL of what I leave. The thought of the state stealing half or more makes me feel ill. My plan is to retire to a tax haven.

Off you go then. Private healthcare is expensive in old age btw.

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23 hours ago, kzb said:

I think there should be a tax-free allowance to cover the costs of dying.  We paid out the thick end of £15k; everyone is after your money when you die.

So I would have a generous tax-free allowance, but above-inflation HPI above that allowance would have a graduated tax.  The justification being HPI gain was just luck, living in the right place.

Yeah that works. Costs of disposal netted out before inheritance. then you add £ inherited to your earnings for the year and suck it up. Better to tax the windfall and lower the burden on your run rate of earnings. People that can't see it must be either millionaires with useless kids or retarded. 

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