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I think I have vote at every possible election since I turned 18 a long time ago and probably held my nose and voted for most of the parties at one time or another. The PCC vote just annoys me though:

What has this got to do with democracy?

What qualifies me to select a random name from the ballot paper to do this job based on nothing more than party or name prejudice? They certainly don’t waste any time letting me know who they are or why I should vote for them. 

What should political parties have to do with how my local police are run?

If the job is important why is it not appropriate to appoint the most qualified person to the job?

For the above reasons I have spoiled my ballot for the last two PCC elections and feel minded to do so again. If enough people do this it sends a message, although there will be enough vested interests to make sure nothing changes soon. Does anyone know if there is a forum to get this changed? I was surprised not to be able to find anything.


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