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Boom And Bust Since The Biblical Times

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Bible - Genesis 41, to be precise -.

This is the episode where the Pharoah of Egypt dreams of seven fat cattle being eaten by seven thin ones. And then of seven succulent ears of corn being consumed by seven bad ones.

The dreams were interpreted by Joseph as meaning there would be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.

I willo make this bold statement.

There have been many achievements and happenings in the world of mankind.

We have put men on the moon and can fly between continents.

We carry devices in our pockets that enable us to talk to anyone, anywhere that carries a similar device.

But never once, not ever even once has there been a boom without a bust.

It has never happened.. Not ever..

think of all the arguments that you have heard about the housing market and remember only this..

There has never been a boom without a bust.

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Bible - Genesis 41, to be precise -.

There has never been a boom without a bust.

Boom and Bust, Brown and Blair :lol:

Peak and Troughs, if there were no lows in life there would never be any highs, we would have an infinite state of eqilibrium. How boring would that be. Look on the brightside, when the coming trough is over, we can look forward to another peak B)

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It surprises me how few people can spell surprise.

<edited for spelling>

****... but I have been up since four.. travelled half way across the country to a company which can guarantee a full disaster recovery against our networks should there be..

a disaster..


but to be honest I can't spell anyway..

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