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Hi, i am looking for advice about areas in stevenage

Me and my partner are in the very lucky position that my parents want to invest in a rental property and have offered us the tenancy (we have been unlucky with landlords so this is great as they will of course be decent to us and if their finances allow maybe give us a little discount to help us save for a deposit).

They want to buy a house in Hertfordshire as we moved here 2 years ago for my job where we rented in WGC. They have a limited budget so are looking at stevenage mainly but due to covid im doing the actual looking, I have only ever been to the town center so have no idea where is nice to live. My partner works in london 2 days a week so wants to be able to walk to the train. I just want a nice sized home in a good area where we can have our cats and maybe start our family (although schools are not a consideration as we will hopefully have bought our own by then and might not even be in herts anymore)

People at work seem to hate living in stevenage which worries me. from reading online the east seems to be considered nicer, poplars ect, but my partner is very resistant to not being able to walk to the train. Does anyone have any insights that can help?

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