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Aussies Losing Homes (repossession)

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The main significance I attach to this is not the content of the article, that people are losing their homes but:

1. The banks seem to be getting quicker to act, in some cases after only one missed payment and'

2. It's yet another feature article on a very mainstream TV "current affairs" program watched by millions. Obviously it rates or they wouldn't run the story. A key feature of the last recession in Australia was the literally nightly stories on people losing houses, businesses, jobs etc on TV programs such as this. Media attitude has certainly shifted and seems to be continuing to shift. It's at least the second one from this program this year. Not sure what it's main competitor program is doing (the two highest rating TV networks in Oz both run light "current affairs" programs in the prime evening timeslot featuring this sort of stuff).

And only yesterday I heard on the ABC (equiv the BBC) news the Prime Minister having to defend housing affordability in the context that Australian cities are amongst the most highly valued in the world (house prices) and that many ordinary Australians can't afford to buy.

And my local newspaper carried two serious letters on the subject (NOT VI spin) last Sunday with both arguing that housing affordability is a problem. Attitudes have shifted...

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Guest Winners and Losers

Well, we are the best sporting nation per capita in the world. Hi Smurf - I think there is a p*ss take of Today Tonight - they call it 'today, tonight, today, tonight, today, yesterday, tomorrow' or something like that. Really credible then.

Only in Oz!

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Only in Oz!

If we're talking about team sport here, this statement is more serious than it may appear overseas. Australian junior team sport (various football codes, cricket, netball, basketball etc.) is organised on a volunteer club basis and is very cheap.

In UK terms a full season of football or netball would only cost about 30-40 quid plus footware. If you can't afford that, you're seriously strapped for cash.

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