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Being chased by LA for rent I don't owe


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I'm a model tenant.  Rent always paid on time and in full, property kept spotless, etc.

I renewed my tenancy last year which included a rent increase.  The LA is trying to back date the rent increase by a month, I think because they were late offering me another AST and my AST had converted to a periodic tenancy by the time they made the offer.  They've been sending me progressively more threatening e-mails.  I've contacted them in writing, asked them to explain, clarified my position etc but they don't respond except to send out another threatening e-mail.  The landlord lives in Athens.

I'm having a read of the Tenants - Know Your Rights thread, but does anyone have any suggestions?  In a very worst case scenario I'm wondering whether I should report the LA to the police for harassment.

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What you really could do is read up on the law pertaining to your situation (T-KYR you've started).

Reading the above, it says to me you're jumping the gun. You may be wrong, you may be right, about harassment, but calling the police will escalate things.

You are entitled to 'quiet enjoyment' of your abode.

Read the contract you have signed. It's laughable just how badly written some are. You might find that it's been breached


I would write a letter to the LA, detailing the previous steps, and have it signature delivery recorded. At least it will give you time, and you've shown to have taken the next reasonable step.

I would simultaneously get advice from an expensive law firm : first appointment is only like £100+ for a few minutes.

Take it from me, legal disputes can and do last ages to resolve. You may even end up making a small claims court appearance yourself.

I'd guess you're time bound, and you'll have to decide how to spend your resources.


Disclaimer : this, as always, is not legal advice, and shouldn't be construed as such.

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