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5 hours ago, MARTINX9 said:

Shouldn't someone share this tasteless leaflet with the media so people can take an informed view about whether they wish to trade with this firm.

I has made the local rag, lol.

(M.E.N website is a dreadful experience, don’t click unless you really want to)


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I don't think this has been posted elsewhere ....


An estate agent’s firm has apologised for an advert in which it called coronavirus a “blessing in disguise” for its effect on the housing market.

The promotional leaflet by Manchester-based JP & Brimelow begins with the headline: “Has Covid been a blessing in disguise for Chorlton and Old Trafford?”

“What a year it’s been for everyone in Chorlton and Old Trafford,” the pamphlet reads. “So much uncertainty, so much worry about jobs and of course concern over health.

“However, the property market has actually fared very well this year. More of us have spent more times in our homes, and I think it’s fair to say that the role our homes play in our lives has increased greatly in importance.”

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52 minutes ago, Wayward said:

I expect many people will think this flyer is fine ...house prices increasing and therefore all is well in the world.

I think personally that most people, are not totally obsessed with property prices.  The people I know are far more concerned about keeping safe and being sensible.  

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7 hours ago, crash-and-burn said:

I'm sure their apology falls a bit flat. At least they were honest about their capitalistic motivations. There are loads of people raking profit out of catastrophe, but most keep a low profile.


I'm pretty sure we haven't all lost loved ones. That's a somewhat twisted way of saying sorry. 

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Very clever. Brilliant marketing (probably unplanned though). Get their name on national media alongside the message "your house is worth more". Nutters like us will think it is awful, the majority will remember that Chorlton and Old Trafford are on the up and that nice purple estate agent with the white slanty writing (can't remember their name) is very reliable and honest.

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