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In 1963 (between the end of the Chatterly ban and the Beatle's first LP), Greg Hill (Malaclypse the Younger) and Kerry Wendell Thornley (Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst) first published the Principia Discorda, hailing Eris as the Goddess of Chaos. Back then, Chaos was not a thing, but as the decades went on, it crept into maths and science (fractals etc) and increasingly, popular thought and politics.

Chaos started to become a theory that worked.

In 2005, a dwarf planet in a chaotic orbit was discovered and later, it was named Eris. Now the Goddess of Discord had physical, heavenly form.

Decades later, I think we might have reached a moment of inflection. Chaos might slowly become less attractive and drive a move to Order. My take on this forum is that it has (over the years) tended towards libertarianism, free speech, minarchy (whilst tolerating anarchist thought) and general freedom. But I think the posters that promote Order are (whilst boring and repetitive) slowly advancing.

Is Order starting to become a theory that works?



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On 07/01/2021 at 11:11, Will! said:

Entropy increases.

And it came to pass that AC learned how to reverse the direction of entropy.

But there was now no man to whom AC might give the answer of the last question. No matter. The answer -- by demonstration -- would take care of that, too.

For another timeless interval, AC thought how best to do this. Carefully, AC organized the program.

The consciousness of AC encompassed all of what had once been a Universe and brooded over what was now Chaos. Step by step, it must be done.



Isaac Asimov

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