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Assange Extradition Denied.

Sour Mash

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On 04/01/2021 at 13:41, Sour Mash said:

... time to get the Swedes to start caring about their bogus rape claims again, I guess.

The thing about the Nordic countries is that there are a high number of people convicted of sexual assault there compared to here. Their laws are just a bit stronger than the UK and much stronger than the US where sexual harrasment is almost part of the culture.

It's a generalisation, I mean the USA is a huge country and people can be very litigieous but when you have the president pretty much admitting sexual assault, and then people saying countries like Sweden have a rape problem because of too many muslims the USA comes across as pretty messed up. It kinda makes me laugh that they then use Sweden's strict sexual assault laws to try and get him extradicted.

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