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You are not allowed to think about politics until 2nd January when it comes out. 

This is to make sure we spend Christmas with our families rather than the arcane details of an international trade agreement

Yeah - but someone has leaked it - haven't they... or there wouldn't be an argument about how many pages it occupies.

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Is this it?


If it is... then we have to doubt the numeracy of government.  The main document here is 1246 pages... with 34, 26, 18 and 8 page supplementary documents - and a "summary explainer" that is a single web-page.  I can't see any way to add these up to get to either about 500, or over 2000, pages.

I wonder if SAGE provided Boris with his statistics?

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Appears to be the same document as the one linked from the UK government web page:


What I'd like to know is what happened to the 'missing' 754+ pages?  Did they get thrown away with the wrapping paper?  (The annexes on the 1246 page document start on page 410 - so '500 pages' doesn't even make sense as the size of the main agreement.)

I'm inclined to think it is just SAGE counting - but... I've learned to be cautious... there's no telling what went on after a few glasses of mulled wine.

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Is anyone else trying to read the 1246 pages?  I'm making slow but steady progress... from the perspective I'm reading it right now, it doesn't seem to be very "information dense"...

Bringing this back to house prices... The "fourth pillar" of the EU is "freedom of movement of capital"... and (I suspect) this results in transfers of large amounts of cash around Europe.  I haven't found anything in the document relating to this former 'right'... and, this makes me wonder, what is likely to change as a result of such an absence from "the deal".

Am I overlooking something in the agreement?  Can anyone point me at something in another agreement (i.e. one which is set to expire in a few days) that grants a relevant right (e.g. one relating to direct or indirect foreign investment in real estate) that can no-longer be relied upon by EU countries with respect to Britian/Sterling after 1 Jan 2021?


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