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Supplements: Ashwagandha Extract

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So I like to try supplements and vitamins to address deficiencies and recently purchased a bottle of  'Ashwagandha Extract' liquid (off Amazon).

Ashwagandha is described as an ancient medicinal herb with multiple health benefits. It is taken under the tongue and doesn't taste very nice however it is one of the best supplements I've ever taken.   

Since taking it twice a day I find  I sleep better ( biggest notable effect), less stressed etc. and generally have more energy. Whatever this thing is it's amazing and no I am not shilling for any company or anything I just found it to be one of the best supplements ive taken. 

 Has anyone tried it before? if so let me know what you think as I genuinely do think its quite an interesting supplement and with a lot of them I can't say that...

I guess its just finding what works for you and maybe I've stumbled upon it.


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, hp72 said:

Thank you @Warlord 

Have ordered some and it arrived today and will give feedback... 

Some some people do actually listen to you occasionally! Lol 😋

Awesome. I take two drops under the tongue 2-3 hours before bed and I sleep like a baby. Remarkable it is. 

Please let me know how you get on (give it a week or 2).

Take two full drops under the tongue morning and evening that's what I do. 

If you cant stand the taste you can always mix it with  a drink.    

I think its a very potent herb (or whatever it is ).

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