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This is my first post since 2008. I'm old now.

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 Not sure what you’re saying there.
The truth is this whole forum is house price obsessed and mostly expecting/wanting/needing/praying for a HPC. But since 2004 decent houses have been on a one way track and it’s been a very uphill track. Since 2004 I’ve owned 14 of the 16 years and done nicely from it. I’ve been hesitant at times through paying too much attention to these forums and maybe even lost out through delaying purchases at times because of worrying about things read on here. No one can deny that anyone not buying since 2004 has made a huge mistake and if they posted on here along the way and encouraged others to follow their mistakes then that’s a shame. Yes some house prices are falling but if you’ve avoided leasehold, cladding or undesireable overpriced houses then buying has never been a bad decision. And I couldn’t care less if there’s a crash in 2021 anyway as I’m still happier owning than renting and can afford to sit any falls out, but I really can’t see it. The economy will surge back and interest rates will stay low. Therefore I see no chance of significant falls on anything remotely desirable. Small leasehold tower block with cladding are fcuked but desirable houses will be just fine. 

What I am saying is amongst the HPI/HPC stuff there is an unusually high for a single topic forum of other material from finance, health and career advice if you open your eyes.  

For instance I would never have known about this book if it wasn't for this forum https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33310988-from-zero-to-financial-independence-in-less-than-10-years

It was written by a member 'Wish I could afford one'

There are people with BTL's who offer a balanced view

Overall the concept of FIRE was one I discovered on here 



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How much would it have cost you in 2008



How does that help?

Analysis v comparisons both current and historical are vital. House prices have massive bandwidth with the same type of houses selling for huge differences just because of sentiment and furnishings. All to often asking prices determine price offered and then price offered determine the valuation. I like value and would want square foot comparisons etc for 20 years which is probably why I bought in such a small geographic location  

This sold for £155k six years ago which is about £175k now allowing for CPI.  

My starting point would be current comparisons, checking if £155k was right at the time, how much other things are selling for that were £155k in 2014 etc etc  

Then I would look at direction of prices and whether 6 months buys more discount....or in fact whether you are getting a decent deal which factors in falling sentiment and builds some further fall in.

In terms of the flat the bathroom is off the lounge but that might be acceptable to those who like living in London suburbs  



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