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Best way to deal with builder not turning up (half already done)?

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Am wondering what the best way to deal with this situation is. Advice from builders or people who have been in this situation welcome.

We had a local builder booked in to repoint our house. Started reasonably well, though noticed the work was rarely starting before 11 and usually done by 3 which I think has severely limited the progress. Last week they told us they would come at the weekend to finish off, but no-one showed up. Then assumed for sure they would appear on monday as sun all day was forecast, but no show. When we asked they assured us they would restart today. No-one has come again. Am getting grief from the neighbours as they have left dust on their property, which initially we told them may as well be left given the builders would be in next day making more mess for at most a few more days (best to just clean up as soon as done). Now its 5 days later and the builders have not been back.

I would not have expected them to work the weekend, but am annoyed they told us they would and then no show. Am also pretty pissed off they said they would start again today last night and then didn't turn up. Am I being unreasonable to think they are taking the piss with the slow progress or this is par for the course with builders? Any tips on the best way to get them working again? We have not paid anything, so am surprised they don't want to get on with it so they can get paid!


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 Tradespeople can be annoying bad, many of the best work on contract and don't ever advertise. 

 Trying to match the mortar mix and finish, maybe using lime mortar on an older house is quite skilled.  You really want them to finish what they started, I assume this is per square meter or a job rate, and not paid anything yet , have they put scaffolding up?

 They will want to finish this before winter frost so I would kick their **** a bit without trying to fall out.  Also you get another on the job, they might be just as bad. 

 Were you satisified with what they have done so far?  pro job should look really neat, google the different trowel finishes recommended for external pointing.

 I'd ratheraccept getting messed around a bit for a really good job than super fast but poor diy standard. 

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Yes its a per job rate, payment on completion. So in the end I found them putting them materials in my garden one evening, and they explained they had problems with their supply chains and had been waiting to get what was needed to continue. Have been here every day since pretty much. Seems the problem is lack of communication on their part.

The job doesn't look bad, not the neatest (to my inexpert eye) - they redid some of their work without me even asking though, and it looks far better than first attempt. Its also far better than awful repairs that had been done by a previous owner though (mortar smeared all over nearby bricks and sticking out a lot - was told, by another builder who quoted last year, the previous attempt had not raked out old mortar, just smeared it all over the existing mortar). And they are actually replacing damaged bricks, rather than smearing a thick layer of mortar over the missing part of the brick as others seem to have done on nearby houses (which from what I have read is not the correct solution).

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