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Respectfully, this is a condtant cliche used to denigrate and demonise publuc sector staff but ut simply isn't true. 

Like in an increasingly large number of younger people involved in the public sector I've worked in both ex public sector functions outsourced to the private sector and directly for the public sector itself. I've also worked in financial services in pure private sector functions. 

If you honestly believe in this myth of private sector efficiency,  you're either incredibly naive, have never worked for a large corporation or are deliberately spouting ideological nonsense to justify your opinion (or possibly a combination of all 3). 

I vote labour and always will, it’s just the cliche rings true. 

I also work in highly competitive multi-nationals.

I think the NHS is a great thing, I just think a lot of the staff take the piss. But that’s just humans being humans I guess.

im not making any great point, I actually think more things should be public sector like the railways for instance or the phone networks. 

I think the alternatives in the private sector are too driven by asset stripping and profit at the expense of delivery services.

in an ideal work we would have well run public services, which actually monitored staff and waste, cracked down on laziness on all Levels.

even my small group of people I know in the public sector in different functions, they all recount the stuff they have seen, and how they couldn’t get away with it in the private sector.

but I do feel there must be a reason where that behaviour is tolerated, and my best guess is that for governments having over staffing and under-utilised staff is a thinly masked ‘make work scheme’ which is also fine, but let’s not joke ourselves that public sectors works are the absolute pinnacle of efficiency 

both sectors are poor in different ways. 


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