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share of freehold - confused

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Not sure if this is the right place for this query but anyway, I'm a first time buyer and have been searching for a property for like two years now (not continuously but on and off and obv covid halted my search for a while). I found a really nice 2 bedroom flat for under £320,000 in a block of around 12 flats (I think) and my offer has been accepted, however the only issue that is concerning me is that it is a "share of freehold." From what I've read, overall this is a better option than an ordinary leasehold option as it gives you more control and autonomy about how the building is run etc. and also it slightly increases the overall value of the property, you can increase the length of lease plus it's easier to sell the property?

At the same time though I'm reading reports of people saying it can be good but only if the others involved play their part in the agreement. If they do not co-operate then this can cause issues?

So what is the verdict here really? Is share of freehold worth going for or should I stick with a leasehold flat (as most flats are leasehold)??

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