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Completely surprising and expected rise in RPI to 7.6%

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Those are scary numbers but especially for a country with a billion + mouths to feed.

Was the "Arab Spring", caused by high food inflation?


I think Modi should be careful, could be a spot of Civil unrest coming.


Also, I'm sure those figures have been "massaged", so what is the real figure!!??

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Have the items you buy become more expensive?

Same price, less of it, not as good quality, more air in it, lighter, more of the cheap ingredients less or removed expensive ingredients, more packaging, shrinkage........so yes more expensive, and will be even more expensive next year.....;)

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Have the items you buy become more expensive?

I'm not sure.  I might have been doing a lot of hedonic adjustment.

Prices seem stable (or, perhaps, falling) at the supermarkets I prefer... conversely, at the supermarkets that have fallen out of my favour (not just on the basis of value for money) my perception is that prices have easily risen >10% in a year.

Beyond supermarket shopping, I'm noticing it is hard to source what I actually want.  The high-end Panasonic Combination microwave (with a 250-degree convection oven) I wanted is no-longer available - for example.  Recent shopping for a budget 'health grill' yielded one offered at £18 that is 10% cheaper than a similar one I bought several years ago.  On the other hand, if I want removable hot plates, I can't find alternatives to George Fourman's branded units - with the usual associated cost of the trademark.  Clothes also seem frustrating to source - depending upon how prices are determined for inflation metrics, issues with supply might well have a significant bearing on the figure calculated for inflation.

If we're talking about the costs of services, I think there's an analogous problem.  It seems to me that interacting with many types of services is like trying to swim through a megaton of chilled treacle.  If services were specified with standard times for completion... inflation in the cost of services would, likely, be off-the-scale.


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I think Modi should be careful, could be a spot of Civil unrest coming.

The rich Indians will be welcomed to 'invest' in a new shiny post-br*xit passport in the UK

Modi will just blame all his problems on the muslims - a few riots there won't hurt his reputation.


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