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Just a tidy thread to post links to housing articles and media so i don't have to keep finding the correct thread.

For those of you that cannot access certain articles be creative in your questions and you might receive help.

Starter for 10:

The Times - The paper of UK record - Is fascinatingly churning out bear stories after bear stories. But house prices keep rising. Very interesting:



It’s time to stamp down on a property market running out of control

The housing market is allowed to stay open during lockdown. That might turn out to be a shame, because it could do...

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The rent on a two-bedroom flat in Baker Street, central London, has been cut from £4,312 a month in May to £2,600 last month. The rent on a four-bedroom flat in nearby Bloomsbury is down from £3,476 in June to £2,210.

The rent on about one in every three flats to let in Manchester has been reduced. A one-bedroom flat that was listed at £925 a month at the beginning of September is now available at £825.

Last week a report by Zoopla said that average rents in London were 5.2 per cent lower now than a year ago, and were falling in Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh



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House price boom? Watch out – it's all an illusion

The post-lockdown buying frenzy has protected the property market from the fact that two million mortgage prisoners cannot sell


What these numbers do not track, however, is sellers’ ability to sell. Or, rather, their inability to. There is an undocumented mass of transactions that would have happened, except their owners cannot sell. This is because, in the eyes of lenders, their homes are no longer worth anything at all.

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