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Persimmon homes - owners now receive letters saying their houses are lacking vital fire safety measures


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Persimmon knew about a problem 2 years ago, but the article says this.....


The housing company said that they've been aware of the problem since 2018 but some residents have only just been warned of the problem.

....Now over two years after the housing company found out about the problems, residents are still receiving letters warning them that their homes may not have vital fire safety measures despite many of the new homes only having been built in the past 12 months.
A letter sent from Persimmon to residents in October, 2020 said: "We have recently become aware that some timber frame properties on your development have not had cavity barriers correctly installed at roof level.

"Cavity barriers are a fire safety measure and whilst they are only one of a number of fire protection measures which are incorporated into your home, we believe it is important that as a precautionary measure, we conduct checks to satisfy ourselves that these have been isolated incidents."

One resident who received the letter, Craig Issel, said that he had been living in the property for around a year and had only received the letter on October 29.

"It's quite worrying because I've looked it up and loads of these problems have been going on for ages so why is it only now I'm getting a letter, it makes me a bit nervous I won't lie. Had I known, I may have thought twice about buying the house," he said......

Why are some owners only now getting letters?  

Makes you wonder how isolated these incidents are?

How long will it take them to inspect and then to fix the problem?

Will Persimmon pick up all the costs to fix this? (not sure if any will be leasehold)

What a shock for house owners (especially those who plan to sell soon) to get this letter now. I assume they will be unmortgagable until the problem is investigated and fixed?

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