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House occupancy statistics...

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I have realised that it would be extremely interesting to know what proportion of houses (inc. flats etc.) are occupied, and what proportion are unoccupied.

Ideally, I would like to find statistics at the granularity of local authorities... and to be able to see how occupancy of the houses/flats in the UK have changed over time... perhaps the past decade?

Has anyone got any ideas how I might come by statistics that might help me form an opinion about this?

Are such statistics readily available from anywhere?

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 uk census gets that household data, also the full electoral register -except of course those under the radar.

 Seems to be changing a bit now towards lower average occupancy, one aspect of bedroom tax is that a lot of council 2 beds here were converted to 3 beds but identical houses otherwise hence placing an artificial demand on 2 beds.   Seems the average 3 bed semi is least in demand, over larger and smaller.    This may a a local midlands thing, just what I've noticed.

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 uk census gets that household data, also the full electoral register -except of course those under the radar.

A census (if done once every 10 years) does not really help me... I'd like monthly stats - but I'd settle for annual...

Electoral Register - nice idea - but it isn't practical to collect stats from the written records I'm entitled to view at the council offices.  I assume there is no nice way to access the info online - preferably in a suitably summarized form?

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 My guess is 'real time' info would be council tax data, although a pretty blunt instrument as it only gets those on the radar.  FOI requests from councils, in my experience, are a bit hit and miss -also potentially a lot of work collating the info which can be used as a valid objection . Data protection act is often misused for secrecy too.

 I bet facebook and ISPs would have a much clearer picture of this 'under the radar' data - if you could afford it.  Maybe see if ONS have an unpublished data?  good luck.


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Define occupancy.

You have:

- OO occupied.

- Rented - private or public

- Empty - derelict.

- Empty - for sale

- Empty - for rent

- Empty - just empty.

- Holiday let

- Second home



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In the South West, empty properties is a hot topic, so most councils/unitary authorities publish data on empty homes and holiday homes.

In Cornwall, overall about 10% of houses are empty, as defined by the council through council tax data.  Holiday homes are concentrated in geographically limited areas, but can be 30% of the houses, again through council tax data.


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 Would be interesting also to compare the offical stats with the name and adress big data held by amazon, ebay, uber, parcel couriers, ISP's etc.   

 I wonder if any of this big data is used for council tax/electoral register 'track and trace' yet, and if so, what level of under reporting occupancy is seen.


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