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Corporate Logos as they shouldn't be

Mikhail Liebenstein

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I was subjected to a powerpoint presentation today. I think this convergence of logos was accidental, but I doubt Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) ever conceived of this?




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Somewhat reminds me of this faux pas by the Office of Government Communications 





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The AWS and Azure logos together looks like an angular sausage dog or rabbit to me, IMO (but as logos go, look OK and "techno" enough by themselves).

The A-Style logo was intended to be perverted looking (unlike the OGC emblem). The "doughboys" logo honestly looks like a fictional brand from Grand Theft Auto (see iFruit).

The London 2012 logo was gloriously bad (and stuck in a 1988 timewarp). The CCAYC logo was perhaps the contracted graphic designer(s) non-subtly deriding Catholic priests.

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