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Ok, so I've seen plenty of Rugby Players in skirts - mainly during beer fuelled club initiations.

But I do think the demands of some players i.e. former men, who identify as women, and want to play in the women's game are utterly ridiculous and in fact dangerous.


I played rugby at school and university with a couple of guys who turned professional. I'm a fairly big and fast guy (6'2" and 15 stone and can still run a sub 15s 100m), but the guys I played with were that size when they were 13/14 and 6'5" by 18 with a 12.5s 100m and man were they hard to tackle and boy did it hurt when they tackled you.

Anyway, it seems some other guys feel a bit feminine and would like to play with the ladies. This really has to be the line in the sand! It is seriously dangerous.




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Yes it’s insane, of course it is. But these days the ideology of hurt feelings has managed to overcome reality. 

Teenage boys regularly and easily break women’s WR in every sport. Men who go through puberty are faster, stronger and built differently from women and there’s no way suppressing testosterone will remove those benefits. 

But it’s going to take a woman being paralysed to stop this steamroller. And even then, it’ll be the insurance companies refusing cover because they don’t want to get rinsed that will do it, not the actual reality of sex based differences.

In USA there are girls who’ve trained their whole lives to get a good university sports scholarship who are having to go to court because a mediocre boy athlete has decided to grow his hair, call himself a frilly name and annihilate the female competition. 

I think people’s brains are rotting inside their damn skulls sometimes. 



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I look forward to seeing them wanting a heavyweight boxer have the op and want to take part in women's boxing...

They don’t need the op (most don’t get it). If you say you’re a woman you’re a woman, no surgery necessary. 

Joe Rogan’s got a lot to say about Fallon Fox breaking their opponent’s skull. 


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I think people’s brains are rotting inside their damn skulls sometimes. 



America has a really weird political polarisation and Transgenderism was the wrong cart for the Left to hitch their horse to (it's more of an expression of serious identity related mental disorders, fetishism, and dangerous surgery).

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