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First thing I'd check is what your hip extension is like (e.g. can you move your straight leg backwards without arching your back).  If you can't google Thomas stretch.

Other things that might link to the lack of hip extension is 1. walking straight legged and swinging legs round the side (so you don't need to use the hip extension), 2. tight calves (because you don't need to bend at the ankle to walk because of point 1. - if so do some calf stretches on a step, progression to calf raises / singleleg work), 3. discomfort on inside of knees (because the force pushes down and in from doing 1. - if so do some squats, progressing to single leg verson).  4. Walking with backside sticking out or body bent forwards are other signs to look out for, that link to the lack of hip extension point (which then leads to head protruding forwards and neck pain, so think head up and shoulders back when walking).

Worth trying pilates, also just taking the weight off in a swimming pool might help and if possible hydrotherapy (there are loads of great exercises that can help).

The water activity might give short term relief, this and most of the others will take time to correct your posture to actually improve the situation longer term.

Also limit the amount of sitting, we all do far to much and it can end up resulting in shortening/tightening of the hip flexors making it harder to extend the hips.  Worth checking eyesight / font size on computers/smartphones in case you have to peer forwards etc.

*usual caveats etc. The above are not based on actually assessing you so are points for general consideration, I would seek out a good physio or sports rehabilitation specialist (most don't just do sport) who can do a proper assessment and treatment plan.

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