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The perfect obscure non dance track

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Not all of them stayed obscure of course, but I was sorting out an old box of letters and found confirmation that I was indeed at one of their (probably) 1991 gigs. As I'm more and more coming to the conclusion that 1991 was when the world changed, I thought I would post this.

If I come up with a similar excuse, maybe I'll start a "non obscure" thread.

Or maybe someone else will.




Pre edit: On the assumption that nobody else will post to this thread, I'll keep posting. It's not spam if nobody is eating.

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Like that, never heard it before and I'm an official got the t-shirt indie kid, but i see it released in 1992 by which time British music had changed a lot with the movement into house but of course there were cross over bands.


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I've tried to keep on topic with obscure and recalling this. This is jangling New Zealand Indie pop from the mid eighties, super obscure, super cool.

Double Happy "The Others Way"


I like it.

I'd like to think the Jesus and Mary Chain were fans but then they looked out the window and it was Glasgow. ☹️

Here is another one - also from Oxford in the early 90's, but... different.


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Something a bit quieter...

OK, so the artist is not exactly obscure, nor is the producer, but the album this track is taken from is.


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