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Effects of Mortgage Relief Changes on Buy To Let

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Would the changes not be more painful for those with multiple BTL ?

Typically they would be incorporated so it has no impact. 


Landlords it doesn't effect:

Those with no leverage 

Those who bought pre 2000 as will typically have small mortgages. 

Larger landlords who have incorporated 

Lower rate tax payers


Those it does impact:

Higher rate taxpayers who bought relatively recently with a mortgage who are small enough not to do a company shell. 


Impacts them to paying tax on the mortgage interest element. Although with rates so low again its not a game over disaster for many. 

See % of market remaining the same

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With buy to let landlords having had less favourable mortgage relief since April 2020 are we seeing evidence of them trying “to cash out” in this peak?

Theyve had increasing liabilities over 4 eyars. 202 was jus tthe end of the tapering.

The effect is ffing massive.

IO BTL only made sense/little profit by going in for massive leverage.

S24 kills leverage, so kills the LL.

Read this thread:




The effect of S24 on the IO BTL goons is obvious to anyone who do percentages - calculator is permitted in this test which, apparently, is only ~5% of IO BTL LL.




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Would the changes not be more painful for those with multiple BTL ?

The more leverage, the more pain.

Again, read the thrads I posted.

The outcome of S24 on IO BTL was easy to work out when the scheme was announced  back in 2015ish.

Anyone with a GCSE maths and an IO BTL portfolio should have sold up then n there, hence the Sell now ... thread.

property118 cretins, looking for cunning ways around the pain just wasted their money and time and chance to escape with some degree of solvency.





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3 hours ago, captainb said:

Despite the moaning, in 2017 when the phasing in started BTL was 20% of the housing stock. Today its still 20%.

That's shows that at the very least, the intervention had stopped the growth of BTL, even if not reversing it. 

At the same time, the mass sell-offs predicted on Property 118 have materialized. 

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