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'Sell now before house prices crash': Liverpool estate agent's urgent warning for those looking to move

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The housing market is going to go down the tubes along with the whole economy.

Welcome to Lockdown Part 2, coming your way this October.

Don't think they'll shut anything down proper like they did first time round. If they did and no buying selling of homes, would there be another pent up demand spike take 2? 

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TBF estate agent scumbag.

He don't care about what price it goes for, he'd love a load of people stampeding for the exit.

Isn't Liverpool a place where you can still get a house for £60k or something? Seems that'll be one of the last places to have a crash, although IMO luxury HTB flats will suffer everywhere.

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Just had a look at the cheapest houses in Liverpool on Zoopla. There's a few under £40k, (there's one at £20k and some ruins for £15k) but I wouldn't put The Guardian in the recycle box round there, if you know what I mean. 

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Riiiiight. Those looking to move should move now before prices fall so they can pay more for their next place. 

Got it. 

Or, if you're downsizing (in Liverpool!?) Sell now if you think prices can fall lower than rock bottom, if you're up sizing pray for a crash. If you don't own anything join the debate at HPC 😆😆

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Good publicity i suppose - and clickbait? I noted:

"Houses prices plummeted by an average of 15% during the 2008 recession. The economic turmoil we saw then is similar to the financial disruption we are witnessing right now so it is inevitable that house prices are going to crash."

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but my advice to anyone thinking of selling is to do it now, or face having thousands of pounds slashed from their property values. Time is also running out for buyers to take advantage of the government’s stamp duty cut."

??? Why should buyers care about stamp duty when houses will be 15% cheaper soon?

(Of course, the enterprising EA wants turnover, now.)

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EAs are in the business of selling houses, they need to sell more in an area where prices are cheaper......got commissions to make.

......thing is very many people now can't move, up or down.....there is no ladder for them, or a very short one.

Be interesting to have some stats on ages of people and how many times they have moved, bought and sold the house they occupy, now and then, say people aged 25 to 50.....seems nowadays people do not move as much.......like jobs, stick to what they know or insecure short-term work with gaps, unlike jobs houses have increased faster than pay increases.;)

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