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I wondered if it had been scuppered by tptb. BloJo did his big cheese speech last night and we had covid all day while the internal market bill breezed through parliament no real mention of it on the news yesterday or today.

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19 minutes ago, Patfig said:

Is the forum having issues?

I haven't been able to post anything all day. Now I can post it looks like no topics have been updated since yesterday.

I think that's because none of us have been able to post, so no topics to update. 

This forum does seem to have an unusually high amount of issues like this. Maybe those pesky EAs do it 😅

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Not being able to reply isn't a bug because it's working now.

This is an attitude I see from a lot of "IT experts" - it is working now so everything must be fine.

I have seen software bugs which only manifested themselves after 8pm on alternate Thursdays because that happened to hit a combination of conditions which nobody had thought to test, 'it's working now' means nothing.

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