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Once the democrats crossed 215 electoral college votes it was game over for the republicans.
The chances of California not going democrat are less than slim, so with those 55 California electoral votes almost certainly in the bag, the democrats have the necessary 270 electoral college votes to win the election.


But the legal challenge mounted by Trump makes this all in to a new spectacle...... Panto season is starting early.

"Oh no it isn't......OH YES IT IS..._ 

edit, my apologies, California is in the democrat numbers..._

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Ah, fairy muff, not an expert on gambling matters I'm afraid. I see Trump at 6/4 now, with Biden at 4/7. After the 2014 Scottish referendum experience, I have a lot more respect for bookmaker predictions, political or otherwise.

I still think Biden will get in, especially with 98m votes already cast, but I'm willing to bet that there wasn't much sleep to be had in the Biden camp last night :)


98m fake votes ;) 

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98m fake votes ;) 

Indeed, now reporting 98m and another 35 apparently! Never thought it would be this close, thought it would go massively one way or the other. A real nail-biter 😬

The divide between urban and rural voters is stark and, if I were a yank, worrying. 

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Bettors: Get on GA and AZ for Republicans. Crazy prices. My sources are confident @longgone @AThirdWay

(only bet what you can afford to lose.. )

We'll know tomorrow (next 36 hours) one way or another . 

Nah, the postal ballots already counted are going Bidens way, no source would be able to predict who postal ballots not yet opened are going to.

Edit: Arizona counted their postal votes first so your probably right about that state

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In the end, it all came down to the cut-of-one's-jib.


No, it all came down to massive and blatant electoral fraud.

The 'elite' need to pretend Harris won so that when Trump clears up the fraud and is declared Still Your President, the low-information Democrat voters can be riled up for the Color Revolution. They don't get that from a Harris win because Republicans won't go out and riot in the streets the way Democrats do.

Just imagine, after weeks of believing that they've Saved The World From Bad Orange Man, 70-IQ Democrats are told that actually Trump has been declared President.

'Trump stole the election! Wah!'

'Smash! Burn! Loot! Murder!'

That's what the 'elite' want. Not a demented old pedophile in the White House.

I mean, think about it. If it was going to be this easy to steal the election, wouldn't they have put up someone competent as candidate, not a complete no-hoper?

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