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1 hour ago, Bruce Banner said:

Depending on the index used, my little house is worth...

Acadata £275k

Nationwide £315k

L&C £330k

Zoopla £385k



UK Property Lion Current asking price index.




London ( this'll make you laugh

            £870,216   :lol: 

It's much worse than you think !!!

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2 hours ago, Bruce Banner said:

Lol, and I'm not in the selling market. We'll only move it we get to the stage that we can't manage the stairs. The less contact with EAs the better.

The 40% difference between the lowest and the highest is interesting though.

Always been like that.....wait until you get the leaflets pushed through the door saying we have many buyers waiting to purchase in your street....not seen that for a while.......I suppose an agent is not an agent unless they have something to sell, they require sellers to match with the buyer that will only buy at the right price......the best homes are never advertised.......the best homes at the best prices are sold without an intermediary....;)

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13 minutes ago, A.steve said:

I'm prepared to believe that.

So, how might one reaslistically hope to find such options?

Know your area and get to know the people living in your area, put the word about......could advertise to say looking for a property in specific area......knock on doors of those you have an idea they might want to sell, ask about at work, clubs, social media etc.;)

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