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Halifax Aug 20 data out Mon Sep 7th

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From the actual release itself; the Halifax themselves can barely believe what is going on and is urging caution.

“Notwithstanding the various positive factors supporting the market in the short-term, it remains highly unlikely that this level of price inflation will be sustained. The macroeconomic picture in the UK should become clearer over the next few months as various Government support measures come to an end, and the true scale of the impact of the pandemic on the labour market becomes apparent.

“Rising house prices contrast with the adverse impact of the pandemic on household earnings and with most economic commentators believing that unemployment will continue to rise, we do expect greater downward pressure on house prices in the medium-term.”

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7 minutes ago, Wayward said:

Was the stated aim of the SD holiday to help buyers...?  Real intentions nearly always differ to stated intentions.

Yes; but most informed commentators could see what would actually happen - a transfer of the benefit from the buyer to the vendor via increased demand/HP's.

Is it simply a case of unintended consequences of a rushed through policy to placate the crying VI's? Or was it Sunak's intention to stoke a mini-boom?

I'd say the latter.

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39 minutes ago, Smiley George said:

Sunak's intention?


To keep prices up until we all get back to normal then keep them up some more, then push them up again.

It's a pyramid scam and they think they'll all lose their jobs/power/own unearned wealth if they let prices fall.


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