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Has Anyone Ever Publicly Donated their House Price Gains to Charity ?

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Pink Floyd guitarist/singer David Gilmour did something like this. Link

After selling his London home for a reported £4.5m, he intends to give the proceeds to Crisis, a charity that cares for the homeless.

Gilmour, 56, whose main residence is a farmhouse in West Sussex, said of his decision to sell the spare property, which he bought for £300,000: "I've had that house for nearly 20 years. It's made a fat profit and I've scarcely used it for the last six or seven years. You can't live seriously in more than one house. Everything else is just a holiday home."

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When I used to post frequently on EAToday, there was an older poster who was so stereotypical for his generation I was half convinced he wasn't a parody account. Very right wing and many of his posts were indistinguishable from Daily Mail headlines. Despite being a recently retired EA, he was unaware how unaffordable property had become. "in my day, we had 15% interest rates," "property has never been cheap," "can't go wrong with bricks and mortar," "young people can't afford to get on the property ladder because they're lazy and spend like there's no tomorrow," "I had to scrimp and save for six months to get a 10% deposit together". When he posted about young people's sense of entitlement and wanting everything now, he finished with the statement "something for nothing - never!" So I asked him which charity he'd be giving his unearned equity to. He called my question impertinent and rude. Shut him up for a few days...

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