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Economy set for November crunch as banks told to end mortgage holidays

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On 8/26/2020 at 10:06 PM, HovelinHove said:

In the DT. Of course Sunak will ride to the rescue and burn more tax payers money on a lost cause...if the Tories let him. There is already a significant rebellion growing at the sheer incompetence and lack of conservative values displayed by Boris and Co.

Banks to end mortgage holiday


"You can kick the can down the road but eventually you run out of road" - Peter Schiff


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On 26/08/2020 at 22:16, Roman Roady said:

if it cant go on, it will not go on

Can someone meme this soundtrack over Tory and banker figureheads images and vids and House Price news stories as it crashes?

Perhaps the arcMalexander poster?




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7 hours ago, Warlord said:

"You can kick the can down the road but eventually you run out of road" - Peter Schiff


The saddest thing is that the opposition is just more managerialism from Starmer and co and the Establishment love it. Hence BoJo being attacked by all and sundry. With Corbyn gone, they are happy for a coalition, hung parliament or Starmer-Blair 2.0 addition.

Debonnaire the shadow housing minister couldn't even bring herself to NOT support Landlords during a literally leftist zoom conference call, instead saying they are "vital in providing housing"


******in hell

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On 27/08/2020 at 20:55, Bugger BTL said:

Yeah, of course Tory MPs aren't going to be stupid enough to rebel against a policy that props up prices. Why would they?

I remember reading a piece by former Conservative MP Matthew Parris in the 1990s in the Independent.  John Major was having trouble with his Maastricht rebels and various pundits were lamenting why-oh-why Major didn't get tough / be conciliatory / explain his position / arbitrarily put a few heads on pikes etc.

Parris explained that to understand the Conservative Party in Parliament it was necessary to understand the four 'Ps':  No Person, no Policy, no Principle is more important than Power.

Boris Johnson will remain leader until someone else looks like a better prospect for retaining (or regaining) power.

Edited by Will!
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