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Hi All

New to this so apologies in advance grammer etc.

I have worked since 16 not high paid jobs but made a living.Key worker now worked throughout lockdown. Looking around where I live people buying new cars caravans most self employed.Where are people getting money from ?

Just observations wondered could be inheritance .Like I said me and partner worked since 16 been fortunate no time unemployed however I can not go out and spend thousands on new car etc. Especially now in a recession dont get it.

Is it a similarr situation where you guys are?

Seems plenty of money around or us it me

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How well do you sleep at night?

Time is your most valuable gift... spend it wisely with people you love. Do NOT accrue debt. Cheap money is a drug. Material things only tie you down and add to your stress. Be generous with both your time and money and you will be cherished.

People are generally miserable and most make bad choices. Avoid following the crowd as you will only end up as messed up as they are.

Treat yourself lavishly but be frugal.

Count yourself lucky to be debt free and to be with someone who obviously cares enough about you to be committed to you, that is more than 99% of the people I know.

If you find yourself needing more luxuries, add another hour or two of labour at the end of the day and you will find that within a matter of weeks or months you will be able to afford anything you have your heart set on.

Good luck and happy hunting and I wish the world were full of more decent people like yourself x

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