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ONS HPI returning this week

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Official UK House Price Index returns this week


on Thursday it will be publishing the April index, then on September 2 it will publish the May figures. 

June and July figures will be released over the following four weeks and by October 21 - when it will release the August figures - it will have ‘caught up’ with its original schedule.

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1 hour ago, micawber said:

There's probaby a lot of "no data" causing issues with their calculations.

Sure but that data hasnt changed since april. 

If they have to miss a few months as transaction count too low so be it. Cant see why the need for such a delay though 

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1 hour ago, captainb said:

Yesterday's news, tommorow. 

At least they dont make you pay for it. 

Really can't see why the necessity for the huge lag on the data. 

So they can get the "bad" news of April and May's drops out of the way over the next 2 weeks, then present then June and July "bounce" over the net 4 weeks of September, thus proving how resilient and rosy the UK housing market really is?

Cynic? Moi?

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The April ONS stats were actually published last Weds. The article quoted in the estate agency news update by the OP was published last week. 


House prices actually fell!!!!

In terms of the transactions this report relates to, it is important to note that they relate to before CV-19:

The UK House Price Index (HPI) is based on completed housing transactions; typically, a house purchase can take six to eight weeks to reach completion, therefore, the price data feeding into the April 2020 UK HPI will reflect those agreements that occurred before the government measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) took hold.

As a consequence, transaction volumes were not materially affected:

The number of transactions used for the April 2020 index is slightly lower than the average number of transactions we would usually use for a first estimate;

Future publications will reflect the impact of CV-19 and are likely to show reduced transaction volumes. 




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