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English landowners have stolen our rights. It is time to reclaim them

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English landowners have stolen our rights. It is time to reclaim them



Boris Johnson’s attack on English planning laws is both very new and very old. It is new because it scraps the system for deciding how land should be used, replacing it with something closer to the US model. It is old because it represents yet another transfer of power from the rest of us to the lords of the land, a process that has been happening, with occasional reversals, since 1066.

A power that in 1947 was secured for the public – the democratic right to influence the building that affects our lives – is now being retrieved by building companies, developers and the people who profit most from development, the landowners. This is part of England’s long tradition of enclosure: seizing a common good and giving it to the rich and powerful. Democracy is replaced with the power of money...

The pandemic has reminded us that access to land is critical to our mental and physical wellbeing. Children in particular desperately need wild and interesting places in which they can freely roam. A large body of research, endorsed by the government, suggests that our mental health is greatly enhanced by connection to nature.

Yet we are forced to skulk around the edges of our nation, unwelcome anywhere but in a few green cages and places we must pay to enter, while vast estates are reserved for single families to enjoy.,,,


The government’s proposed award to landowners and builders, of blanket planning permission across great tracts of England, will tilt the law even further towards property. Housing estates will be designed not for the benefit of those who live in them, but for the benefit of those who build them. We will see more vertical slums as office blocks are turned into housing, and more depressing suburbs without schools, shops, public transport or green spaces, entirely dependent on the car.

It will do nothing to solve our housing crisis, which is caused not by delays in the planning system but by developers hoarding land to keep prices high, homes used for investment rather than living, and the government’s lack of interest in social housing. By shutting down our objections, Johnson’s proposal is a direct attack on our freedoms. It is a gift to the property tycoons who have reportedly poured £11m into the Conservative party since he became prime minister: a gift seized from the rest of us.


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1 hour ago, Saving For a Space Ship said:

English landowners have stolen our rights. It is time to reclaim them



Never mind Brexit and EU immigration. Wealth inequality is getting more and more pronounced in the UK. The middle classes and working classes have been squeezed. The ordinary people live off the crumbs and fight for their slice of crumb and the crumbs are getting smaller.

The elite and wealthy also determine who the ire of the dispossessed is directed at...namely not them, but the 'other'.....and the idiots at the bottom keep falling for it each and every time...easily distracted they are.

This is a real game of monopoly....the odds are stacked in favour of the hereditary rich and the hereditary rich will always have control over the PTB and over us..... Time to take a closer at how wealth is redistributed, make it more equitable and level the table. Inhertance tax is a joke... its mainly aimed at skimming off the lower middle classes and the working class, the rich have the means to avoid this...and release the capital over the subsequent generations.

"The simplest expedient is to give away your assets more than seven years before you die. Or you can buy agricultural land, on which no inheritance tax is payable, or various kinds of business assets, or you can make clever use of trusts. Or if you have special “foreign dom” status you will not pay"

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Why is anyone surprised by this?

The three pillars of Tory economic policy since 2010 have been:

1. hpi forever (via the HMO-isation of the housing stock).

2. Mass immigration (to carry the quantum of additional mortgage debt consistent with the above).

3. China First (i.e. globalisation, the free movement of trade and labour).

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