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My kid loves Minecraft, what kind of rig to get him?

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My little boy, 5, is basically a bit of a geek. Loves creative arty or mathsy apps, alphaputt, and especially Minecraft.

I dug out an old netbook and it runs Minecraft java edition passably. Easily enough for him to have fun building his first houses etc.

At some point it will only be fair to get something faster for him that will run Minecraft bedrock edition well to play over internet with his friends. 

I don't want to tell him what to do with his life. I do want him to get balanced experiences and chances. So I've no problem him getting into gaming since it's an enormous industry. But I don't want him to be a gaming social recluse. 

For further Minecraft stuff, do I get him a 2nd hand Xbox or a good 2nd hand refurbished office PC? The latter can be quite fast for your money and have the advantage of him being able to use design, coding etc applications on it too.

Just looking for random opinions....

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