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George Osborne has had to cut a million off his house



Despite upping sticks to a new £1.6 million Somerset house, George Osborne is yet to sell his Notting Hill pad, originally listed on Domus Nova in March. The six-bedroom mansion was listed for £4.95 million, however the pandemic has clearly taken its toll on the luxury London housing market as just four months later Guido spots a million quid has been sliced off the asking price. Osborne did warn house prices would take a hammering in post-Brexit Britain…

At its new bargain price of only £3.95 million, Guido once again invites you through the keyhole of Osborne’s house; with a reception room, dining room, family room, grand study, two guest bathrooms, a terrace and a walled garden.


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44 minutes ago, msi said:

Why sell it?  He could rent it out to Rich Hong Kong'ers innit?

Rich Hong Kongers who want to be here would already be here. It has always been very easy to come here if you have a few million (or an income high enough to pay the mortgage on a few million).

Poor ones will not be able to afford London even after a crash. I do not mean houses like this, I mean any at all.

That leaves any middle class ones who want to relocate and do so successfully (getting a job etc.) enough to live in London who will have an effect on property prices in London. Most people have too many ties to want to move from their home so the number will be very small.

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