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US economy in peril as unemployment payments expire 

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US economy in peril as unemployment payments expire 


Ft Reg required, can anyone with reg give us a one line summary ? 

With The $600 Unemployment Benefit Gone, Here’s What Aid May Be Coming Next


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Like our Brexit last year over here, I don’t know why these politicians think they have an automatic right to a holiday right in the middle of a crisis.

’Oh if we don’t fix this by recess then we will have to do it in mid September when we get back.’

What the hell, the economy is in ruin and you are looking a riots, but the holiday comes first. It’s like the army all going on holiday in the middle of a war.

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38 minutes ago, Locke said:

Bad time to be a landlord...

I'm sure we'll see similar in this country over the coming months.

Landlords will then be going to banks, banks will be going to governments etc. I'm sure this will just culminate in some form of bailout. 

Nothing that can't sold by getting that money printer fired up - just delay it all further, the only solution now to keep the cycle of debt going.

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Economics professor Richard Wolff warns housing crash would be worse than Great Depression
"We’re going to have this spectacle — on top of everything else happening to us — of that American situation in which we have homeless people sitting on the curb, across the street from unoccupied apartments and homes," he said."
The first round of coronavirus benefits has ended. What happens now?
The enhanced unemployment benefits and federal eviction protections are now over, with no other plan approved yet.
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