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Bareley disguised re-heating of local news - probably syndicated news bought in.

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Check out these wonderfully written pieces of the same news:



The national coronavirus pandemic threw the UK housing market into the unknown.

No one was sure what impact lockdown would have on house prices and property demand, but there now seems to be a clearer picture emerging.


The UK housing market was thrown into the unknown by coronavirus.

It was unclear how significantly the pandemic would affect house prices and property demand, but there now seems to be a clearer picture emerging.

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A lot of the local papers are owned by the same company, so unsurprisingly they share resources but even if not, will gladly copy and paste the same agency stories or press releases. 

Local papers are so under resourced that they will take any story they can get their hands on. A handful of reporters need to fill a whole paper every week. No time to do investigations or check sources - just need to fill space. 

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3 hours ago, Peter Hun said:

As do many national newspapers. There is nothing new or wrong with this practice.

It shows the power just a handful of peopel or organisations can have over (some) of the population. How many times do you hear friends and relatives all parroting that house prices are rising even at the, admittedly few, times when they are falling.

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Most local papers are owned by two or three big companies and all are dire.

Both sites you link to are owned by "Reach" under the "Live" banner who put out complete dross and rehashed press releases. Reach own the Mirror, the express and the Daily Star. They just announced 550 job losses.

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These local papers are a shadow of what they used to be, its a race to  the bottom. The national papers are bad enough but the local ones are dire. 

A friend called in tonight and told me that where I live a drugs raid had found a massive grow in a local street about 1/2 a mile from where I live. Looked on the local Leicester Mercury site not a mention. 

These papers are doomed.

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It would only be covered if someone puts out a press release which is repeated wholesale with no analysis.  They are cut and paste factories. 

They'll jump at estate agent stories fed to them. 1) no work and 2) it pleases their advertises in the industry

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