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Landlords losses to hit £5.7bn by 2024 – four times those of the 2008 financial crash

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30 minutes ago, PeanutButter said:



This sort of shiz is why I’d like tenants to have as much knowledge about landlords finances as landlords do about theirs. 







Makes you laugh the way they phrase things, as though the tenant is responsible for paying the mortgage...

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8 hours ago, petetong said:

From the link: "The head of Reed, Britain’s largest recruitment firm, has predicted that up to five million people could be made redundant ..."


That's worse than anything I recall reading recently. Five million unemployed should create a huge crash. I'd prefer if I could wake up from the nightmare and it wasn't happening.

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Martin and Camilla Williamson pretty much sum up everything that's wrong with the current housing ponzi. They need to extract in excess of £1,000 a month from some other poor sucker or they foot the bill for all the debt they have taken on. This is what happens after decades of insane property ramping and people witnessing it as one way bet to wealth. The smart money has long since been and gone, they only waited for the greater fool to arrive at the end of the party and pick up the tab.


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