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The Halving of the Centre - Covid and its Effect on London Property (50% falls?)

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14 minutes ago, Neapolitan said:

I can’t copy and paste through the app. 

You’ll find them using Zoopla though. Check last price sold if there and the reductions. 

Still asking 700k for a 2 bed flat with 20 years left on the leasehold. Crazy

Asking is not selling.;)


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1 hour ago, Neapolitan said:

Central London is falling worst than a 50y old woman when the likes of Brad Pitt or George Clooney would tell them they’re the only ones that can still get them hard.

I was looking at properties in Chelsea. These are all the Airbnb’s I was talking about in the other discussion. Properties bought for 1 million in 2011/2013 now on the market for 600k. 

Properties with prices knocked down by 15-20% in 6 months. 

Im running an unofficial UK Property Lion index for August just to see where we are from last Quarters rise.  

Must be peak madness by now.  I'll keep people posted as I wont be publishing it on the UKPropertyLion twitter feed.

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3 hours ago, Postman said:

Kirsty's whole existence hinges on property pumping. Working from home = bad for commercial property. Kirsty must protect the investments of property investors at all costs! 


"Her partner is property developer Ben Andersen, and they have two sons, born in 2006 and 2008.[14] She is also stepmother to her partner's two children, Hal and Orion, from a previous relationship. They live in London."

She might have inadvertently profited from her pwaptee wamping perhaps ?

What a god awful woman.

The best bit is, if you google her partners name (Ben Andersen )...it comes up with loads of links to her. 

He's a bigger **** then her.

I did come up with:

Holmgold Limited," 



"Holmgold Ltd is headquartered in England. The company's line of business includes subdividing real property into lots."

Nice chap. Lovely Couple.



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Very interesting article that backs up observations on here:


London’s suburbs are leading the capital’s economic recovery from the pandemic, as consumers shop and dine out locally, while the absence of office workers and tourists has kept city centre spending muted.

Consumer outlay on clothes and hospitality in smaller local centres, such as Southall and East Ham, either matched or surpassed January levels by mid-July, according to a report from the thinktank Centre for London, and King’s College London.

The report tracked the impact of the pandemic on the capital’s economy five months after the coronavirus crisis began. Transaction data from Mastercard, the credit card company, showed consumer spending had shifted from central London towards outer zones, as office staff continued to work from home even after lockdown restrictions eased, and international tourists stayed away.




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