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The Dark Secret Behind The Property Boom

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2000th post! May as well be a cheery uplifting one: :(:(:(:(


The dark secret behind the property boom

Some 98,000 children in Britain are sleeping in Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms

Published: 06 February 2006

In Britain, the middle classes have a new narcotic of choice - property. Every s*****y dinner party is dominated by incessant chatter about mortgages and garages and patio extensions. Every TV show seems to feature Sarah Beeny or Kirsty Allsop -or their army of imitators - lurking on a street corner with a bevy of estate agents, a clique of interior designers and a manic grin. If rising house prices could be snorted, suburban addiction levels would go through the roof and pass on the way through a lovely attic renovation with its own designer bathroom, of course.

But there is a dark secret behind Property Ladder. Britain's property boom has occurred for one reason and one reason only. For 25 years, the British government has sold off its stock of council housing for giveaway prices, and replaced them with nothing. The result, as Patrick South, policy director of Shelter, explains, is "a huge backlog of desperate families living in the few lousy scraps of housing that remain to councils - and a generation of children growing up in hidden squalor."

Anyone got the complete article?

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