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Scaremongering begins


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Well I haven’t started a population thread recently so...

It got them the clicks, but at what cost to credibility?

No, the world is not going to disintergrate because humans *might* start having fewer children. 

What we have here is the Ponzi scheme upon which all others are built. 



And now they’re starting to realise that without constant insane levels of population increases the whole thing could start to slow down.

Retirees pensions being paid for by young people only works when there are enough young people. 

House prices always going up...ditto.

Japan, the front runner in this scenario, has reasonable house prices, even considering the horrors of the intergenerational mortgages a few decades ago. You can buy a family house in a commutable suburb of Tokyo for around £250-300k. Old houses are sometimes even given away (the value lies in the land). 

Hence the panicking from Musk and his fellow extreme capitalists who have realised that being billionaires relies on billions of people remaining poor. It’s a pyramid, and they’re at the top. The only thing they’re scared of is falling (or...being pushed).


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Rather depressing (as well as hypocritical considering how much they like bleating on about sustainability). Of course too rapid a drop will cause problems but anyone who argues for a pyramid scheme is a blithering idiot. Very much a case of "this is how things currently work, if something changes then that particular approach won't work any more, THEREFORE WE'RE ALL DOOMED!" (because of course nothing else can work - how things are is the only way they can be).


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The funny part is that globalists have been talking about killing off 90% of the world's population for years now.

It's pretty much their SOP when the world gets wise to their tricks; crash the society, let half the population kill off most of the other half, then crawl out of their bunkers and take over, even if it takes a few generations to infiltrate and subvert the positions of power in the new society.

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