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Hello all

My name is Chad Lawson i am writing this little blog/topic here today to explain my thoughts and opinions. I believe that there will be a house price crash in 2021 i am unsure when about in the year but i am very certain, i believe this will be the case due to the corona virus and people are getting let off without paying rent as such and so on due to not being able to work, I think that house prices will slowly start to decline until it hits and crashes in 2021. This will be the best time to buy and invest in a house as after the the crash will happen people are going to try and rework it as fast as they can due to not wanting people to spend less money as it is a power hungry evil plan that landlords do to prevent you from getting the best out of you're money. That is all i wanted to say and just let the people know my thoughts thank you for reading.


Love Chad.

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