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Treasury Inflation-protected Securities

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Does anyone know a great deal about US Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities or TIPS as they are often refered. If indeed Mr Brown chooses to inflate us out of debt, (not sure he could) they may offer a ray of light, although they do rely on US CPI.

Many HPCers will be looking for ways of protecting their amassed deposit from this idiot without risking it on the stock market during a recession.

With many bears on here (myself included) predicting higher inflation in the future TIPS look relatively cheap at the minute and the unparalleled safety they offer is an attractive trait for a small fraction of my (and I believe everyone elses) portfolio. They can be purchased for varying terms ranging up to 30 years.

The could prove a very strong part of a long term investment portfolio if China and India continue to grow unabated increasing fuel/resources demand ever more and thus inflation.

Please feel free to google "Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities" as no one site seems to offer full impartial analysis.

I believe TIPS may offer some protection from the worry of high inflation.

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