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Daily Mail: 'Twitter Lynch Mob turn on Kirstie Allsopp"

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Ok, who was it?


Joking aside, she simply commented on not returning to work unless beauticians were  allowed to do Eyebrow Threading. WTF is that anyway, apparently its a way to pluck hairs using two parallel pieces of thread. I had visions of needles hanging from her eyebrows!

I think the underlying reason for the attacks is tgat the housing oppressed hate her!


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19 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebenstein said:

I think the underlying reason for the attacks is tgat the housing oppressed hate her!

I don't dare step into that twilight zone that is Twitter, has this actually come out in the replies themselves?  But yes, I wouldn't be surprised.

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A really simple solution to end most all social media woes; make it law that you may only use your real name to highlight your identity.  

Anonymity is fine in regards to voting, but why should anyone be able to bully others they happen to disagree with. Left or right wing, pro or anti whatever, it matters not.


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34 minutes ago, Killer Bunny said:

Recipe for the end of freedom of speech.

I agree and disagree simultaneously.

Freedom of Speech - yes

Cowardly anonymity, not so sure, but then to not need the latter you need the former.

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There has to be a middle ground where username isn’t anon but linked to real ID.

But that raises the q of an SSO (I’m hugely against using Facebook or Google as universal SSO). Users need to own their data.

Anyway back to Krusty. She’s lucky she didn’t get the usual rape and death threats. Twitter has a huge problem with that rubbish. 



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I just went on there for a poke around and #onlyfemaleshaveacervix is trending - and they’re raging and swearing at each other that biological sex (male/female) diamorphism is NOT REAL ? fing insane.

Toxic morons but easily led and I think we could harness their stupidity quite well with a few nudges.

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Without the use of your real name, threats of violence and intimidation are endemic within social media.

Similarly, multiple accounts are concocted in attempt to sway public opinion. Emily Maitlis recently began a Newsnight broadcast with the biased statement that "most" people felt a particular way on a high profile issue. "Most" was taken from the reflection of what was seen on social media (Twitter etc), without any substance to support the reality. The BBC quickly put out an apology to retract the prologue as non-factual, but the damage was done. The magnetism of herd mentality, in supporting what others were allegedly already backing, was persuasive.

Freedom of speech is not freedom to commit crime, yet a threat is a crime, harassment is a crime, and libel is a crime.

Would anyone agree that a child abuser should be able to encourage others to their point of view under freedom of speech, of course not, as we would all find it abhorrent. Yet, crimes are committed continually, hidden being the veil of anonymity, and behind the shadowy mask of non- accountability.

Do I agree or even like Kirstie Allsopp, no. But I do not like her being freely targeted in a criminal way. 

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