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Apartment prices BT9

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Hi Folks, we’re looking for a 2 bed apartment in BT9. Market seems to have gone crazy Post lockdown - stamp duty holiday etc. It’s difficult  to find anything decent below £200K. 
 Do you think this is a temporary spike in transactions and that prices will decline in a few months, or do you think the upward trend will continue?

Many thanks. 

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Stamp duty holiday in that price bracket will probably buoy the market in the short term.


Whether it offsets the inevitable jobs losses remains to be seen. 


Personal view - still plenty of people with money out there. With inflation likely, interest rates stuck at 0% and equities possibly in a bubble, housing may well be an attractive option for preservation of wealth. 

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Very specific area and price bracket there. I imagine in a given year year there will be way less than 100 sales in that segment. One thing I would say is it will very much depend on the Airbnb market going forward. If it tanks, and I think it will, flat prices will get hammered. 


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Regardless of whether houses will fall, rise, or stay the same in value, an apartment represents several elements of risk that are not there when you buy a house.

So why would you spend the same money on an apartment that you could buy a house, even a small house, for.

I love living in an apartment, but knowing what I know about them now and the finances of the big apartment buildings in town, there's no way I'd buy one; I'd certainly not spend £200K on one.

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