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So The Johnson has given up playing at being Churchill and now decided he wants to be FDR. Surprised it took so long to think of this. He is a bit slow, though.

What will Britain's New Deal look like?

Billions of pounds worth of contracts awarded to the likes of Serco and others with the right connections?

Is it too late for a comeback for Carillion?

Doubles all round. ?

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, hayder said:

Borrow hundreds of billions. 

Get loads of contractors to donate and fund into slushfunds.



Johnson as a poor man's Gordon Broon rather than FDR then?

He's saying he not a commie and wants to help wealth creators and financiers. I think we all know they're the group who have been hurting the most in the last 15 years. ?

Build house but make sure there's a big profit in it. Socialise the losses.

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FDR's New Deal didn't work either. Sure, it kept some people busy and built some interesting things, but it wasn't FDR that pulled the US out of its malaise.

It was World War II.

World War II made the difference and was the only thing that actually changed the situation. And as a by-product it conveniently allowed the US to create its hegemonic position and set up the next 70 years of history.

We are now drawing to the end of that phase of history. A multi-polar world is growing. Will World War III be required to materially improve things?

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Johnson is pledging £5Bn for this. With the HUGE shrinkage in GDP for APR alone this is a small amount.

Compared the the New deal of 1929, it doesnt compare:-

Listening Mr J Vine on BBC R2 today at 12.36, Chris Cook from the news web site Tortoise gives a good run down:- 5Bn bought forward from previously planned future building in the UK, UK schools usually spend 4Bn on new schools per year, New deal in 1929 was 40% of US GDP which is equal to $800Bn today. In NYC the JFK bridge, Lincoln tunnel were new deal projects. The PCH in Califoria, the Hoover dam in Las Vegas and many regional airports were New Deal projects. Part of the UK £5Bn includes re-profiled £1.5Bn to repair hospitals...the amount lost for this in the austerity years was £6.5Bn...for REPAIRS only. £1Bn allocated for new UK schools, but we need 500,000 new secondary school places anyhow.

New deal had other elements, borrowing and drop in interest rates (good luck with that)...also seizure of Gold.


This is just political grandstanding by a Charlatan PM.


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....and another thing, who do they think are going to be working on these projects? Are we going to retrain the HR depts or the diversity coordinators? We have a load of indebted liberal arts graduates who will just LURVE donning the high viz gear for min wage. So I guess we will import more workers whilst ours are feet up with tabs out watching daytime TV.

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33 minutes ago, ticket2ride said:

World beating logo?

Nope, the similarity between the logo and a generic ClipArt logo from the Windows 95 era would be pointed out the next day, but we would be assured that it was very different, it had very deep meaning and symbolism, a lot of effort went into it, and was completely worth the £5billion.

Then it would be forgotten about.

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It's pocket change when you consider how much they printed to bail out useless RBS and Lloyds. Totally pathetic amount when you compare it to the real new deal. The difference is that the financial collapse of 2008 could have been prevented yet the reckless behaviour  of the banks was rewarded with our money. 

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3 hours ago, Warlord said:

@ticket2rideyou might enjoy this thread: 


Another Boris announcement!  Every bloody day...


What will Johnson spend the £5bn on? A garden bridge? A redundant airport on the Thames? More of this...


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Johnson is a talker, not a do-er. FDR and Churchill weren't nearly as insecure about their own image as Johnson is, and most importantly they didn't sit around yapping all day. They got things done, that's why they went down as important leaders.

Johnson appears still in a state of shock and denial over this crisis: his plans to "level up Britain" from the election are toast. Going to hospitals, schools & building sites to take some photos and tell a joke isn't going to cut it. Yesterday was a pathetic example of this, even more so upon learning he was announcing a downgraded, reheated idea that has been floating around for years. 

He has a long, grim 5 year period ahead of him if he sticks to this approach. Smart people and hard work are needed, not bluster and comparisons.

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Robert Peston remains apocalyptic.

Peston's Politics: How will Boris Johnson fight the scourge of mass unemployment?


His £5billion of accelerated investment is equivalent to a quarter of a percentage point of our national income or GDP, against a record-breaking forecast collapse in our national income this year 40 to 50 times as great.


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1 hour ago, Will! said:

Robert Peston remains apocalyptic.

Peston's Politics: How will Boris Johnson fight the scourge of mass unemployment?


Interesting that Pesto is saying that education and training will be key. No doubt there will be a rise of dodgy training providers offering dubious quality courses or just outright fake colleges.

Apparently The Johnson bandied a figure of £650 billion around at PMQs today and promised "plenty of wonderful things." Not really a detail guy, The Johnson.


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