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Britain facing ‘cultural catastrophe’ with 400,000 jobs in creative industries set to be lost

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Britain is facing a “cultural catastrophe” with more than 400,000 jobs set to be lost in sectors ranging from music and publishing to design, theatre and fashion, research warns.

The Oxford Economics report found that the UK’s previously-thriving creative industries are on the “brink of devastation” as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Despite the Job Retention Scheme, the report projects that 119,000 permanent creative workers will be made redundant by the end of the year.

The impact on employment is set to be felt twice as hard by creative freelancers with 287,000 freelance roles expected to be terminated by the end of 2020.

One in six (112,000) creative jobs could be lost in London, with the West Midlands expected to be most impacted in relative terms, with 2 in 5 creative jobs in the region projected to be lost.

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2 hours ago, shlomo said:

Who has been hiding behind the jealous tree.....92b062a8007e9098729c8c8370c2565d.jpg

The word you are looking for is "envy", unless you are talking about the tax money which is being robbed from me.

If "culture" in the UK really was

2 hours ago, shlomo said:


Then it will be fine after WuFlu is done, without props from the government.

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Easy to dismiss creative industry as 'orange sunglas & kilt wearing liberal softies', and I'm sure some here will.  The truth, as always, is more complex. 

Britain is a world leader in Gaming and Special effects - not just the artistry but the technology and hardware specialists. Their global outlook (yes that is multiculturalism) appeals to both EMEA and AsiaPac. 

You can measure a Societies worth by how it treats it's poor.  You measure a Societies longevity but how it supports the Arts.



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We are in an economic recession, it's inevitable that lots of fluffy jobs with little value add are going to have to go. I was talking to a former colleague of mine who lost her job as head of diversity or something such at a large multinational. She's hoping to get a similar position but has been finding the going tough. I just winced internally, not sure if it's because head of diversity is a real job title, or the fact that this person thinks another similar job would fall into her lap. 

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Being honest, hopefully there'll be enough jobbing options in the tertiary and service economy to help them through and they'll be able to pick up in a few years where they left off.

I appreciate music and drama and art and design, so I don't wish them I'll.

But in the meantime it's about survival.

Does anyone know whether the gaming industry is affected?

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