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How long will the trough be?

How long will the trough last?  

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  1. 1. ballpark dudes...

    • 1 year from now
    • 2 years from now
    • 3 years from now
    • 5 years from now
    • longer - bear market in real terms
    • No significant price falls at all
    • If I knew such things, I would be in the Caribbean on my yacht

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7 minutes ago, Drummer said:

What trough?

BoE just declared another £100bn of QE.

HPC averted, prices continue to rise.

Fair enough bro. I've added another choice at the end. Feel free to change your choice.

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1989: bottom was 1996? ( at least in terms of price/ earnings ratio). 

If you had a job, life improved. If you lost your job, you were unemployed for a long time. It will be the same now. 

I think this recession looks worse because it's global this time. And there's no north sea oil to pay for all the unemployment. 

So I think house prices will grind slowly down for years and years, while the economy bumps along the bottom, until wages finally start to rise in real terms. 

Peak of unemployment : 2022?. Official end of economic depression/recession : 2023.? But in terms of unemployment going back down to pre coronavirus levels and house prices starting to rise in real terms, more like 2026. 

We're in it for the long haul, that's my guess. 

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2 minutes ago, iamnumerate said:

Could you add "If I knew such things, I would be in the Caribbean on my yacht?" 

Personally anything from nothing to 15 years wouldn't surprise me.  


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