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Gov data falls into chaos as it was not designed to track sudden collapse

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I paraphrase from the Wolf report below....Gov data falls into chaos as it was not designed to track sudden collapse


THE WOLF STREET REPORT: America Convulses in Pain, Fed Bails Out the Wealthy



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That's quite understandable, there is a finite amount of resource in local and centeral govt and many people are leaving roles that need to be done to help at the 'front line', for example a friend working at the General Register Office tells me they aren't currently processing registrations of births as they can hardly keep up with the Deaths. 

Two things to take away from that

Just like the NHS, other areas in govt have been running at 95-99% capacity constantly and have no scope to scale up if required. 

It suggests a great deal is still done manually and people are a bottleneck to data collection and processing processes you would have thought would be fairly automated. 

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